Florida King Bed vs Alaskan King: Which Fits Your Lifestyle Better?

Ever found yourself sprawling out in bed, only to bump into the edge or, worse, your partner? If you’re nodding along, you’re not alone. The quest for the perfect, spacious sleep haven brings us to a showdown: the Florida King bed vs. the Alaskan King. Why does it matter, you ask? Well, choosing the right giant bed can transform your sleep experience from cramped to blissful. This article will guide you through the perks and quirks of each, ensuring you make a choice that fits not just your room, but your lifestyle too. Get ready to stretch out and enjoy the luxury of space like never before.

Key Takeaways

    Understanding Bed Sizes

    When you’re on the hunt for the ultimate spacious sleeping experience, knowing the specifics of Florida King and Alaskan King beds is crucial. Both offer generous dimensions beyond the standard king, but they cater to different needs and spaces.

    Florida King Bed

    A Florida King bed measures 108 inches in width and 80 inches in length. It’s a massive option that provides ample room for couples who love extra space or families who enjoy co-sleeping. With its rectangular shape, a Florida King fits well in longer bedrooms. However, this size might not be ideal for everyone, as its significant width requires a spacious room to accommodate it comfortably. When considering a Florida King, it’s essential to measure your room to ensure it fits, leaving enough space for movement around the bed.

    Alaskan King Bed

    An Alaskan King bed is even larger, coming in at a whopping 108 inches wide and 108 inches long. This square-shaped bed is perfect for those who crave the utmost space or have large families that sleep together. Its equal width and length make it a unique choice for spacious bedrooms, ensuring that every sleeper has enough room to stretch out without disturbing others. The Alaskan King is ideal for rooms that are almost square, providing a balanced look and maximizing sleeping area. Just like with the Florida King, room size is a critical factor. An Alaskan King requires a considerable amount of space, so double-check your room dimensions before making a decision.

    Practical Considerations

    After understanding the dimensions:

    • Assess your room’s size to make sure your bed choice doesn’t cramp your style.
    • Think about your lifestyle needs. If you have kids or pets that join you in bed, space might be a top priority.
    • Remember accessories. Bigger beds need bigger bedding, which might be pricier or harder to find.

    Choosing between a Florida King and an Alaskan King boils down to personal preference, room size, and lifestyle. By taking these factors into account, you’ll find the right giant bed for a luxurious and spacious sleeping experience.

    Key Differences Between Florida King and Alaskan King

    When deciding between a Florida King and an Alaskan King bed, understanding their key differences is essential to choosing the right one for your needs.


    • Florida King Bed: Offers a unique size with dimensions of 108 inches in width and 80 inches in length. It’s longer than a standard King but has the same width as an Alaskan King, making it ideal for taller individuals who don’t necessarily need more space widthwise.
    • Alaskan King Bed: Stands out for its perfect square shape, measuring 108 inches by 108 inches. This equal width and length provide a vast sleeping area suitable for families, pets, or those who enjoy ample space when sleeping.

    Room Size Requirements

    • For a Florida King Bed, you’ll need a room that accommodates its special dimensions. A room measuring at least 12 feet by 14 feet ensures you have enough space to walk around the bed comfortably.
    • An Alaskan King Bed, due to its larger footprint, requires even more space. A room size of at least 14 feet by 14 feet is recommended to ensure the bed doesn’t overwhelm the space.

    Bedding and Accessories

    • Bedding for a Florida King might be slightly easier to find than for an Alaskan King, but it still requires special ordering. The unconventional length of the Florida King means standard king-size bedding won’t fit properly.
    • For an Alaskan King, bedding is more challenging to locate due to its unique square dimensions. You might need to look for specialty retailers or custom order your bedding and mattress.
    • Choosing a Florida King works well for taller individuals or couples who need extra length without the added width. It’s also a good choice if your bedroom is narrow.
    • Opting for an Alaskan King is ideal if you’re seeking the ultimate luxury in space or have a large family that enjoys co-sleeping. Its generous dimensions accommodate everyone comfortably, making it perfect for movie nights in bed or simply stretching out luxuriously.

    By keeping these differences in mind, you can select a bed that not only fits your room but also meets your lifestyle needs, ensuring comfort and space for a good night’s sleep.

    Pros and Cons

    Florida King Bed


    • Ideal for Taller Individuals: With dimensions of 108×80 inches, the Florida King bed offers extra length, making it perfect for anyone over six feet tall.
    • Fits Narrow Rooms: Its unique size fits well in rooms that are long but not wide, allowing more flexibility in room layout.
    • Comfort for Individuals: For those who prefer more space while sleeping alone or with a partner, this bed offers ample room without overwhelming the bedroom space.


    • Limited Bedding Options: Finding sheets and bedding that fit the Florida King bed can be a challenge, often requiring special orders.
    • Room Size Requirements: Despite being ideal for narrow rooms, you’ll still need a relatively large space, limiting its suitability for smaller homes.
    • Price: Specialty sizes tend to be more expensive, not just for the bed itself but also for bedding and accessories.

    Alaskan King Bed

    • Ultimate Space: Measuring 108×108 inches, the Alaskan King bed provides a luxurious amount of space, enough for the whole family or extra room for couples.
    • Centerpiece for Large Bedrooms: Its vast size makes it a statement piece in a large bedroom, offering unparalleled comfort and style.
    • Versatile Use: Beyond sleeping, it’s great for lounging, reading, and family movie nights, maximizing its use beyond just a place to sleep.
    • Requires Huge Space: To fit an Alaskan King, your bedroom needs to be significantly large, making it impractical for standard-sized or smaller rooms.
    • Difficulties in Bedding: Like the Florida King, bedding for an Alaskan King bed is harder to find and typically requires custom orders.
    • High Cost: The Alaskan King bed is one of the most expensive bed sizes, reflecting its luxury status in both the bed frame and necessary bedding.

    Buyer’s Guide

    When you’re caught between choosing a Florida King bed and an Alaskan King bed, several factors will guide your decision. This buyer’s guide breaks down the essentials to consider, ensuring you make an informed choice that suits your lifestyle and space.

    Assessing Room Size

    First, measure your room. The rule of thumb is the bed should allow for at least 2 feet of space on all sides for ease of movement. For a Florida King, your room should be at least 12×14 feet, while an Alaskan King demands a larger space, ideally not less than 16×16 feet.

    Considering Lifestyle Needs

    Think about how you use your bed. If you’re after luxury and space to share with family or pets, an Alaskan King is unbeatable. However, if your priority is accommodating height comfortably or you have a narrower room, a Florida King is the smarter choice.

    Bedding and Accessories

    Remember, bedding for these oversized beds isn’t widely available, and custom options can be pricey. Check availability and costs for sheets, duvet covers, and mattress protectors to avoid surprises. Also, consider the frame and headboard – these beds may require custom frames, further adding to the cost.

    Price Points

    Budget plays a big role. Both options are pricier than standard bed sizes, with the Alaskan King usually commanding a higher price due to its larger dimensions. Include the cost of bedding and any needed custom furniture to get a full picture of the investment required.

    Long-term Considerations

    Think about long-term usage. Are you planning to move often? Larger beds like these can be challenging to transport. Also, consider if the style and size of the bed will continue to meet your needs in the future, factoring in changes in family size or living space.

    Before making a decision, weigh these considerations carefully. The right choice ensures you enjoy comfort, style, and functionality that matches your living space and lifestyle.


    Choosing between a Florida King and an Alaskan King bed boils down to your unique needs and preferences. Consider how each bed’s dimensions fit your room and if the size enhances your sleeping experience. Remember, the right choice should match not only your space but also your lifestyle and budget. Whether you lean towards the spacious luxury of an Alaskan King or the tailored fit of a Florida King, ensure it’s a decision that’ll keep you comfortable and happy for years to come. Happy sleeping!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the main difference between a Florida King bed and an Alaskan King bed?

    The Florida King bed is tailored for taller individuals and narrow rooms, while the Alaskan King bed caters to families needing more space. The size distinction significantly affects room suitability, bedding availability, and overall costs.

    Which bed is better for someone who is very tall?

    The Florida King bed is specifically designed for taller individuals, offering a more comfortable sleep experience without sacrificing quality or design.

    How does room size impact the choice between a Florida King and an Alaskan King bed?

    Room size is a major consideration; a Florida King bed requires less space, fitting into narrower rooms, whereas an Alaskan King bed needs a substantially larger area to accommodate its dimensions comfortably.

    Are there any bedding challenges associated with these oversized beds?

    Yes, both bed types face bedding challenges due to their unique sizes. Finding suitable bedding can be more difficult and often more expensive than standard sizes.

    What factors should be considered according to the buyer’s guide when choosing between these beds?

    Key factors include room size, lifestyle needs, bedding availability, price points, and long-term considerations like space for movement, luxury preferences, bedding costs, custom furniture needs, overall budget, and future adaptability.

    Which bed has a higher cost?

    Both beds come at a higher cost due to their specialized sizes and limited availability. However, the exact price can vary based on specific designs, materials, and retailers.

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